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The charm and effect and simple usage of Handcuffs?What are different types of handcuffs?

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Bondage handcuffs are most popular BDSM toy. It is restriction devices used in sexual bondage situation. It have two metal cuffs which joint by a chain, a hinge, or rigid bar. BDSM handcuffs are used to restrict the partner's hands together or both legs together to make partner sexual active. Handcuffs are available in various types, like metal, rubber. Even the metallic bondage handcuffs are covered with the soft material to avoid the chafing on partner.

Handcuffs are highly used SM toy among the mouth gagging toy, bondage rope, spankers, ticklers, etc. It is beginner BDSM toy. Beginners couples can enhance their bed scene without harm each other. When beginners couples start use handcuffs, slow they able to go with other high level BDSM play like gagging, pegging, etc.

With the different linked chain, couples can embed different type of Handcuff playing in the sexual time. If the length of the chain is longer, they can use it with other furniture or object because he/she is able to move their hands and legs. If it not enough in length, couples is not able to move, so the only option is to tie both hand or both legs together.

Types of handcuffs

Types of handcuffs

Handcuffs are one of safest BDSM toys for the bondage play. BDSM handcuffs varies with types of material, structure, linked chain, etc. According to material, handcuffs have leather handcuffs, nylon handcuffs, plastic handcuffs and metal handcuffs.
According to the locking system, The buckle handcuffs are there. Other are lock type handcuffs and Velcro type handcuffs.
Well such types are margin and able to construct the new type of handcuffs. But the basic types is divided with the linked chain, it affect the locking system and comfort as well.

Chain Handcuffs:

It is most common handcuffs. Chain handcuffs have a chain between the both cuffs. The size of chain is not fixed, you can bring your chain according to need. It is safer and comfortable to use because of multiple chain length. It is ideal for the BDSM beginners.

Hinged Handcuffs:

It is most similar like chain handcuffs, but it has a hinge rather than chain between the cuffs. The linking hinge is bendable from the middle. It is more rigid handcuffs. Hinge of hinged handcuffs are too short, so it allow closer restriction and no movement. It is ideal for the expert.

Rigid Handcuff:

It is mix of chain and hinged handcuffs. It has a bar between the cuffs. Absolutely not for the beginners.

Usage and effect of handcuffs

Usage and effect of handcuffs

Handcuffs add extra spice in couple's sexual life. There are many ways to use a handcuffs in the bedtime. The most erotic position you can get with the handcuffs is "From bottom to top handcuff". Restrict both hands and both legs in the back. Well whatever position you try, but make sure first that your partner is ready to do and comfortable to do. If your lover is not ready, do not force him/her. The forcefully BDSM play can cause pain whether it is handcuffing or something else. Bring a one bigger size in handcuff than the partner's hand size. To tight handcuff cause chafing to partner's hand or legs.